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Pellet and Coal Stoves

Fireplace Inserts

Bio-Bricks Burn Hotter and Longer Than Wood
1 Pallet - 96 Bundles of 6 Bricks - A Pallet Equals 3 Cord Of Wood
Delivery Available

Outdoor Living Spaces

Small and Large Tanks, Campers, etc.

Heatilator Eco-Choice

Cooling and Heat Pumps

Energex XBLOX6

Kurtz Enterprize wood pellet gas or coal heating products

NYSERDA Incentives

Welcome to Kurtz Enterprize in Montour Falls
We stock a range of Stoves, Fireplaces, Inserts, Fuels and Outdoor Living Products

Explore our website and then come in and visit our showroom, where we are waiting to take care of all your questions

Propane Refilling


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